Expelling Negativity – “Tiè”

Second design for the series “Italian idioms only Italians understand.”

Italians, as you probably know are famous for their hand gestures. One in particular has a double meaning. Fare le corna (to do the Horns) with one or both hands, in Italy, is a superstitious gesture considered to chase bad luck and drive away curses (expelling negativity). The esclamation “Tiè” usually associated with the act is a dialect abbreviation meaning “here you go” take this (horns). 

You can even wear it as an amulet if you wish, but Be aware, inevitably as in Italy often happens it can be an offensive  gesture too.

Basically if you do the horn directing the gesture towards someone, is possible that you are saying that his wife is cheating on him, what I believe is called a cuckold. You can accompany the gesture saying “Cornuto” (cuckold) to increase emphasis.

Hand drawn illustration, ink on paper.

A kind of modern tribal mask recalling the Etruscan iconography with a glimpse of Tattoo style and Indian Hasta Mudras. Made with love (and good deeds).

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© Stefania Pochesci

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