Boho-Chic Shawl & Surface Pattern Design

Transition – BohoChic Shawl

Hope you can the breathe the fresh earthy smell just after the rain, feel the first rays of the sun at the beginning of Spring ,see the swallows dancing around and sense the perpetual transition of Being. 
Because what is life after all, if not an ongoing transition of energy and matter?

“Transition Boho-Chic Shawl”
200 cm by 70 cm approximately, (78″ X 27″)
Purple-Blu ultramarine

© Stefania Pochesci

The Boho-Chic Shawl is a limited edition available only in my etsy-shop.
Printed with eco friendly print process, no toxic substance are used (colors or chemicals), colors are water based.
Vegan friendly 🙂

Available on high quality Fabric:

Viscose – fresh and light close to silk for many features. Made in Italy