Stefania Pochesci
Art and Beautiful Things – Made in Italy


Art, Fashion and Illustration held together by the thread of kindness.

A project born from the desire to create art as an expression of love for nature, design and craftsmanship.



Stefania Pochesci is a multidisciplinary artist with a vast work of art ranging from fashion textile design to motion design and illustration, graduated from the “Accademia di Costume e di Moda” of Rome with a degree in Graphic Design. 

After 20 years working as a GFX Designer in big TV Networks, during which she designed hundred of magazine pages, created dozens of show opening titles and spent thousand of late nights dealing with font design, negative space and composition, she moved to the countryside with her Basque husband, their pack of dogs and clowder of cats. In the heart of the Sabina mountains, surrounded by Oaks and Olive trees, she develops her art, an expression of her love for Nature, Arts and Crafts. She strongly believes that beautiful things have a soul that can inspire people to live a better life in harmony with the world. 

All her creations are originally hand drawn, infused with love, happiness and bird songs

Stefania applies her design experience and love for nature not only to her work but also to her everyday life. Sustainable it’s a way of living.

She paints and illustrate the world as she see it, deeply connected, colorful and full of life. Her creations are handmade drawn, printed with eco-sustainable method of printing on paper, other surfaces or high quality fabrics, her clothes are carefully hand sown and refined by skilled hands.

Her creations includes whimsical shawls, dreamy scarves, enchanted dresses, unique bags, surface pattern designs and more.

She uses high quality textiles, cruelty-free, made in Italy printed and certificated with eco-sustainable methods of printing.

She works on commissioned projects, so, if you want to work with her on a new project or create something special for any occasion, get in touch and we will provide all the necessary informations.

You can email regarding Stefania Pochesci products, textile collections, wholesale, birthday gifts, special event or wedding.

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