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You better Know your Type

I am a type lover.

When I notice poor use of  Typography I feel almost a physical pain.


In my opinion, this is because there is confusion on the role of a graphic designer  (yes I said it).

A graphic designer is not only an operator, same way as a dentist is not only a drill operator.

Softwares are instruments just like pencils and watercolors, they’re not magic, the results depends on the use you make of them, on your skills and knowledge you had achieved with your studies and experience. 

So just to be clear, graphic design is not only knowing about photoshop or illustrator, it takes time, a countless number of fails and study (I’m still learning) but above all, passion.


Typography is the appearance of text, we see it everyday, everywhere, – but careful –  is not only words on a piece of paper, Typography is the very foundation of graphic design.

To use it effectively allows to create a good composition, a working layout which will make the difference between something “meh” to something eye-catching. Typography main purpose is to communicate, get noticed, stand out and deliver his message to you, but along the way there can be a lot more, there’s a whole world actually.

Typefaces have an anatomy, an history, rules you need to know in order to break them, eventually.


Size matters and space too and no, white space is not wasted space, contrast is the key, a visual hierarchy helps guide the reader’s eyes to the most important, and grids are your friends, use them right.


Do you know that the difference between font and typeface is while Typeface is a  set of typographic symbols, Font is a subset of blocks in that very typeface (referred to analog print, so nowadays it’s ok to use them interchangeably). 

Or had you finally overcome the confusion between Tracking and Kerning?


Sure you did, but if you want to get a refresh, check here to finally “Know your Type”, on Skillshare, a learning community for creators and makers.


I made this class just for the sake of Typography, and I’m working on the Italian and Spanish version too, hoping that will help a little bit to promote a good use of Typography.

it’s about time to Know your Type