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Adobe In Design: Create a minimal Calendar

If you don’t know it yet, Skillshare is a learning community for creators and makers.

The reason why I decided to start a channel there is mainly because I find that learning from others opens your mind a lot, changing your point of view and giving you the opportunity to start doing your thing in a new, different way.

Life is a learning path, that’s why we should never stop learning and at the same time sharing what we have learned so far with our community.

So I just did it. This is my very first class and hopefully others will follow.

About The Class

With this the class you’ll be able to create and export to professional printers your custom Calendar.

I’ll take you from draft to final artwork, teach you how to create a calendar with tables, set the layout, duplicate and edit the layout for all the months; importing your images and exporting it as a pdf for professional printing.

Calendar is a good medium for promoting your art, photography, or just to give something sweet to your followers, friends or family.

The Class is divided in:

  1. Setting the document size guides and bleed

  2. Create the basic layout

  3. Importing the first Image or create a simple quote, create the January calendar using tables.

  4. Editing ,choosing colors and fonts ad repeat for all months

  5. Exporting for professional printer (generic profile)

  6. Exporting for in house printing

  7. Exporting as a Jpeg and sharing your artwork on Skillshare

  8. Final thoughtsThis Class is perfect for Illustrators, Photographers, Designers and everyone who wants to create a custom and beautiful Calendar, no prior experience in Adobe Indesign is needed.If you don’t have it you can download a Adobe In-Design Trial on

    Free Enrollment Link:  Adobe in Design : Create a minimal Calendar

    Premium member Link Adobe in Design: Create a minimal Calendar